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SunLine Multi-Generation

SunLine Transit has operated multiple generations of fuel cell buses begining in 2000. They are currently operating six fuel cell buses of three different configurations:

  • 2015: Standard procurement All American Bus - BAE, El Dorado, Ballard (1 bus)
  • 2014: TIGGER All American Bus - BAE, El Dorado, Ballard (2 buses)
  • 2011: NFCBP All American Bus - BAE, El Dorado, Ballard (1 bus)
  • 2010: Advanced Technology Bus - New Flyer (1 bus)
  • 2006: Van Hool (1 bus)

SunLine is also planning to receive five additional All American buses in 2016 under FTA's Low No program.  The Advanced Technology Bus is the same configuration as the 20 buses that were operated in Whistler, Canada by BC Transit. The 2006 Van Hool bus is the same configuration as the buses deployed in 2006 at AC Transit (3), and in 2008 at CT Transit (1) and Belgium (1).

Project News

Project Details

Region North America
Country USA
State CA
City Thousand Palms
Transit Operator SunLine
Sponsor(s) FTA
Fleet Size 6 Buses

Demonstration Status

Below is the technical description for SunLine's All American buses.

Status Active
Bus Deployment Start Date 2011

Bus Details

Bus Manufacturer El Dorado
Length m /40 ft
Curb Weight kg / 34,800 lbs
Passenger Count (Seats/Total) 37 / 56

Fuel Cell System

Manufacturer Ballard
Integrator BAE Systems
Architecture Fuel Cell Dominant Hybrid
Fuel Cell Model FC Velocity HD6
Rated Fuel Cell Power (kW) 150


Manufacturer A123
Energy Storage Type Nanophosphate Li-Ion
Energy Storage (kWh) 11

H2 Fueling Infrastructure

On-site hydrogen production began in November 2000 using two electrolyzers and a natural gas reformer.  The station used renewable power from both solar and wind. Since 2006, hydrogen has been produced on site via reformation.

H2 Partner(s)

HyRadix, HBT, Teledyne, Hydrogenics

Station 1 Details

H2 Source

Public station at SunLineOn-Site Refomation

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